New Car and WHAT?!

After years and years of searching for something good, in my price-range, I have finally found it! Welcome my girl, Tempest, to the family!

She is a 2008 Hyundai Tiburon GT. It’s got the 2.7L V6 with 172hp and 181 lb-ft of torque. It’s a fast little car, with decent gas mileage of 17 city and 24 highway.

Obviously, like all used cars, it needs a bit of work. But, hey! Nothing mechanical is wrong! I’ve only got to fix some cosmetic things. The engine is strong with a recent oil change (Today, actually. XD) and new front tires as of yesterday!

And that brings us to the main point of writing this post:
I am now an official Consultation Agent! Meaning, that I will be the person that diagnoses the problems for people’s computers and other electronics. I start on Friday and can not wait!!!

Finally, you may have noticed some changes with the website.
I’m trying to keep it updated with all new pictures, descriptions, and the overall look to it. To all the people that still read this website, thank you. It feels good to be able to post my feelings on my own personal website for other people to read, if they are interested!

Till next time.

Site and life updates!

It only took me about a year, but hey!!! The link for mods are actually on the download page, instead of redirecting to GOM’s dead website!!!
In the recovery process, I couldn’t manage to find two of my old rims, but hey. You aren’t really missing anything other than very early conversions that were rather ugly. ๐Ÿ˜‚

In the coming weeks, I want to work on several more site updates that change the look a bit. The white is a bit basic, and I would love to give it some sort of creativity to the website, instead of the current blandness.

As for life, well… IT’S PRETTY DANG GOOD! It’s awesome, because just a couple weeks ago, the Geek Squad manager at Best Buy approached me and asked if I would like to apply for a Geek Squad position. Apparently, he NEVER does that to anyone, but he loved my performance, and said that he thinks I am a perfect fit for it! It’s a higher paying position, and I think I may enjoy it a bit better than on the sales floor.

Don’t get me wrong. I love working the sales floor. Meeting people on a daily basis is amazing, and I LOVE directing them to the product that best fits their needs…
Geek Squad does the same thing! XD Except instead of managing a whole department, we just have to deal with the people that come to us, along with daily tasks. Plus, it’s a higher paying job as well! I never choose a job based on pay. I could be paid like $7.50 an hour like I used to be, and be 100% ok with that, as long as I am enjoying what I am doing.

It’s funny, because ever since I started working here, I’ve been helping people figure out how to fix their computers anyway. Now, I would be doing the exact same thing, but not have to worry about hitting the huge hourly goal we have every month!

My interview was on Saturday of last week, and went amazing. It was one of the most laid back interviews I’ve had, right next to the interview for being a pizza maker at my old job, Papa Murphy’s. During the interview, I was just myself; answering questions, and even asking some of my own. The manager and me even laughed at certain points in the interview as well.

I’m super hyped, and can’t wait to see if I get it! I should know next week, so stay posted!!!