Fireful0’s Mod Workshop Closing 2

Hey everybody!
As you all know, I have not been modding SLRR lately, and as of now, am stepping out of it until further notice.
Honestly, it is just too much work, and also too time consuming.
And, also, kind of worthless to mod a 12 year old game that is not very popular. πŸ™‚
Fireful0’s Mod Workshop, and will still exist, they will just be dedicated to 3d modelling, along with other things.
Sorry to everybody who loved this, myself included. πŸ˜€
I want to focus solely on life and guitar right now.

And, yes, this means the G35 will be halted, also. πŸ™

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2 thoughts on “Fireful0’s Mod Workshop Closing

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    Perhaps you have changed your mind by now! I’m starting to mod and I don’t think this game will be forgotten so easily. Keep it up! You encourage guys like me to help to improve SLRR. For the way you talk (write… I mean jaja), you seem to be a good person, so I hope there will be more modding from you!

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      Fireful0 Post author

      Just seeing your comment! I am back in SLRR modding for now! Working on the G35, so it should be posted within the month! I am glad that I help to encourage you to mod SLRR. If ya ever need me, feel free to connect with me on GOM, name of Fireful0.