Raspberry Pi

Raspberry PiSo, after about two months, I finally decided to pull my Raspberry Pi 2 out of the dust.
I plugged it in, and was welcomed by the booting sign of four raspberries. (indicating that it is a quad core)
I was also welcomed by a picture, indicating I have the one and only Retro-Pie OS.
After it booted, I started selecting the game I wanted with my USB SNES controller.
Obviously, I chose to play Super Mario World. πŸ˜€
After I had beaten the first boss after about five minutes, I went ahead and selected another game to play, only to find out that my 5 hours of playing it were in vain! It had not saved! πŸ™
Well, it was at that moment, that I decided to turn it off. πŸ™‚

I have been using Retro-Pie since I received my Pi B.
Back then, it did not have so many options it does now, and I like the new one much better!
It is a ton more user friendly, and it has many more options, such as game resolution.
Best of all, almost all of the options are in the GUI!
I was going to attach more pictures, than just one, but you would have to turn your head a 90 degree angle to see them!

Have a great day!