Life Recently

ALRIGHT! Since I haven’t used this website in like, forever, time for some personal posts!

Life recently… well… it’s been life.

Several months ago, I quit my job at a supermarket here in Florida called Publix. I had worked there for *I think* 6 months??? It was a pretty significant amount of time. Anyhow, the reason I left is mainly management. I gave my heart and my soul as a stocker, stayed super late to help clean floors, and consistently helped customers, no matter what I was doing, which is the Publix way, even though people would like to tell you otherwise.

Anyway, back on track. XD
The longer I worked there, the more I could see that management wasn’t looking too fondly on me. The only reason I can think as to why, is because I made sure that my coworkers were good and if they needed help, I would be there. Management started introducing more of a “one person an aisle” type thing, where one person worked a certain aisle, and working alongside with coworkers would no longer be a thing. Thankfully, they didn’t really implement this till I left.

Now I do need to explain my own personality, that way you can know where I am coming from. I’m a social guy. I need to be able to talk to someone, or else I’ll drive myself insane. Everyone in the store liked, me, except my two managers at the time. Management, however, didn’t care that I needed to work alongside with people, and instead started forcing away relationships between coworkers, in an attempt to “make work faster” even though, for people like me, it will make some people work slower.

So, long story short, I got an awful review from the grocery assistant manager, telling me that I didn’t work hard enough. Because of how low he made all of my scores, I would not be getting a raise. So, I tried to go over his head and speak with the main grocery manager and see if we could resolve this.

The main grocery manager let me meet with him, but brought the assistant manager in as well, which immediately put me on edge. However, I aired what was bothering me about how my review was unfair. The assistant manager kept rebutting everything I was saying, then the main manager spoke. In my main manager’s exact words, I was “Giving only 70 percent of what I could give to Publix”, was bringing other people’s work ethic down, and didn’t talk to customers, even though EVERYONE in my department said I talked to customers the most out of everyone!

That same day I gave my two weeks notice, and haven’t looked back. I needed a job that I am valued at, and Publix was not it. My friends at the time, would sometimes say that I should blame myself instead of management, but… no. It wasn’t my fault. It’s the way that my Publix managers were, and I am so glad to be out of there.

I am now working at Best Buy in the computer section! I love it SOOO much more than I did at Publix! I’m constantly able to talk to customers, coworkers, and have fun, without any problems from management. I am known as one of the nicest people in the store, and a few people say that I am the best person in the computer department! (Now whether that is true or not… ehh… but, I do my best to have lots of fun, and to make it so customers do as well. πŸ˜‰ )

Within the past several months, I’ve made some incredible friendships, and strengthened some old ones, but I’ve also lost a few as well. There have been a few people at Publix that I have distanced myself away from a bit, but I have made plenty new ones! πŸ˜€

Thanks for reading! I don’t post on here much, but I have needed to vent my feelings recently, so there ya are!

The goal is to post a bit more personal stuff in the recent weeks, so don’t be too surprised if ya see some personal stuffs!

Have an epic day / night!