Person stealing my mods, along with many others

Hello everyone!
Recently it has been brought to my attention that there is a dude called ∴ S•H•Λ•D•E ∴ on steam who is stealing mine and many other people’s mods. A link to his user account.
99% of his uploads are other people’s works. He gives no credit at all and claims that he will take them down if the author complains. I wrote him requesting he take mine and some others down, he responded with,
I dont know who you are and havent stolen a thing from you. Your “mods” do not have a copyright on them because theyre based off of copyrighted real life items, which is against the law.

Do you have proper permission from the car manufacturers and others to upload their logos, cars, models? THAT is stealing.

If youre really that mad about this, then i will let my lawyers know a case may be incoming. Your mods were not copyrighted. That is fair use.

It isn’t fair use if he has not asked permission or even given credit. The mods that I and many others create take a ton of time. He has stolen my 1967 Coronet, my Muscle Rim Pack, and my pride and joy, the Chrysler V8 Pack REDO V4.

Let’s all stand against this. Commenting on the mods will be the best way to get this handled and the mods we made taken down from the Steam Workshop. Me and others have tried PMing him, but he won’t give in. Maybe by posting public comments on his mod, he will get the mods that we worked our butts off of the workshop.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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