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2 thoughts on “Chrysler V8 Pack V4.0 REBOOT (BETA) Released!

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    hi, I just got this and it is great, however no part show up in the catologe and the kits dont make a full engine. I am not sure what to di, I am on the steam version. thanks

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      Fireful0 Post author

      Hello Natasha!
      Sorry I did not get to this sooner!
      I am not on OperationStation as much as I used to.
      That is going to change, though. πŸ˜‰
      Anyhow, to answer your bug report, this mod was not made for 2.3.1. unfortunately.
      If you try it on 2.2.1MWM it should work fine.
      Sorry about this. πŸ™